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YAGR'S 10 th Reunion San Francisco, CA


10th Reunion

San Francisco, CA

YAGR'S held there 10th reunion this past May. With 156 former crewmen along with there guests (128) we had 286 who had a most enjoyable time in the San Francisco, CA area.

On the 18th of May we had 110 people join us for our pre reunion tour to 3 vineyards in Nappa Valley.  Thursday morning bright and early with a rainy day in the forecast we boarded 2 buses for our trip.

DSC01306.JPG (145341 bytes)

		Roland Cote, Yvone Cote, Phil Axlerod,					Lineing up to board one of two buses for the tour
		Gail Miller and George Wirt meeting 
		up for the pre-reunion tour of area vineyardsDSC01307.JPG (152499 bytes)